News: AI-enabled Scheduling System

Increased demand for medical imaging due to its wider adoption in the prevention, detection and treatment of medical conditions has resulted in a “hurry-up and wait” experience for many patients in the healthcare system. With support from OBIO’s Early Adopter Health Network (EAHN™), NextUp Care is working with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Sunnybrook) to improve medical imaging scheduling turnaround time by evaluating NextUp Care’s AI-enabled Intelligent Patient Scheduling Platform (‘Platform’).

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News: VentureLAB Digital Health Leaders

Digital Health Week is an annual event that puts the spotlight on digital health and how it is transforming the delivery of care across Canada. It is an opportunity to assess Canada’s digital care landscape, identify the challenges ahead, and celebrate the successes of the past year.

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News: Re-imagining Appointments for MRI and CT scans

In partnership with Next Up Care, Southlake is piloting an intelligent scheduling platform to streamline appointments for MRI and CT scans. The pilot is supported through the Ontario Governments Office of Chief Health Innovation Strategist and its Health Technology Fund

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News: NextUp Care Reduces Medical Wait Times

Whether you get a bump on the head or an airbag knocks you out cold in a car accident, nobody wants to wait when it comes to their own health. Unfortunately for many Canadians, wait times are an expected component when it comes to getting vital image scanning appointments.

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News: Tech Spotlight with Amber Mac

Wayne and Amber discuss the current status of wait times and how NextUp Care is helping.

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