News: Efficiency Unleashed: AI-enabled Patient Scheduling Platform Transforms Medical Imaging

Patient scheduling can be a manual, time-consuming process for healthcare providers. The process can create a backlog of orders for booking staff to schedule appointments, resulting in patients and physicians waiting weeks or even months for an appointment. The wait time challenge is further impacted by an increasing demand for medical imaging services over time, and by a shortage of health human resources in the healthcare system.

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News: VentureLAB Digital Health Leaders

Digital Health Week is an annual event that puts the spotlight on digital health and how it is transforming the delivery of care across Canada. It is an opportunity to assess Canada’s digital care landscape, identify the challenges ahead, and celebrate the successes of the past year.

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News: NextUp Care Reduces Medical Wait Times

Whether you get a bump on the head or an airbag knocks you out cold in a car accident, nobody wants to wait when it comes to their own health. Unfortunately for many Canadians, wait times are an expected component when it comes to getting vital image scanning appointments.

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